Customize Your Interior Doors for Less Than $50…AND That Includes All of The Materials!


The house I live in is an older home and when I purchased it, it still had all of its original finishes including its ugly, hollow, flat panel doors.  I really wanted to replace them, but the doors I liked were upwards of $300 each and I just simply wasn’t willing to pay that.  So, I found an alternative means to spruce them up and give them the character I wanted.  I added a bit of moulding and VOILA! I had brand new craftsman style doors for less than $50 each!



-2, 8’x4’ sheets of 11/32 underlayment

-1 tube of liquid nails adhesive

-1 tube of caulk

-1 standard caulk gun

1 quart of paint


All of the supplies can be purchased at your local big box store.  Once you have selected the underlayment, ask a representative in the lumber department to cut the sheet into 6”x8′ planks. Some big box stores will charge to have lumber cut, but others won’t.  So, you’ll have to ask a sales representative at your local store whether or not this service is offered and how much it is.  I believe most places that do charge, usually charge somewhere under $1 per cut.  If this is an option and within your budget, go for it!  It will save you lots of time!  Additionally, if you don’t have a saw of your own at home, you’ll have to do a bit of extra measuring, so that your lumber store can cut the planks to the exact dimensions to match the length of your door as well as the center panels.  Once you have all of your cuts complete, the rest of the project is smooth sailing.  


Remove the door from its hinges and place it on a flat surface. Beginning with the vertical pieces of moulding, attach them to the door by using several beads of liquid nails adhesive on the back side of the moulding panel.  Afterwards, add the center panels leaving 12”-14” between each one; This will vary depending on the size of the door.  See the back of the adhesive tube for drying time estimates.  Once the panels have completely dried, flip the door over and repeat the moulding application process.  However, before you add the mouldings to the back side of the door, you will have to drill a hole through the panel to mount the door knob using a hole saw.  The diameter for a standard door knob is 2 1/8″, so be sure that your hole saw is equal in dimensions, no larger, no smaller.





After all the mouldings have dried, caulk the seams, sand where necessary, paint and TADA!!!  You have new doors!


I hope you find this tutorial helpful.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  🙂