About ME

    Hello and welcome to my DIY and Lifestyle Blog!  My name is Felicia and I’m a teacher by day, a student and entrepreneur by night, and an avid DIYer on the weekends.  On this blog you will find posts on a variety of topics for which I have a  passion including faith, food, finances, puppies, and of course, LOTS of DIY.


     I’ve had a love for crafting since my childhood years, but my DIY adventures really started about two years ago.  First, let me provide you with a bit of background, so you have a better understanding of exactly how I became the DIY enthusiast.  


    In 2011, I closed on the purchase of my first home.  As a first time home buyer and a single woman, I decided that a small townhouse would best suit my needs, the needs of my four-legged furbaby, and my budget. The house I selected had been in foreclosure and was in pretty bad shape.   It was old, VERY outdated, full of cobwebs, bugs, and the shrubs on the exterior were so overgrown that the front entrance was barely visible from the driveway.  Despite the work it needed, I saw incredible potential in the space and I was quite eager to take the fixer upper on.  I knew the updates would have to be done gradually, as I didn’t have the money in my budget to do it all at once before moving in.  I was okay with this though.  Improvements on this 1000 square foot space began with the essentials, a new roof, a fresh coat of paint, and replacement of the NASTY, pet-soiled carpets throughout the house.  YUCK!  


    Now, fast forward about 4 years.  Additional improvements had been made, but the house certainly wasn’t where I thought it would be.  This was when I decided to put the home improvement into full-speed.  However, without the money to contract help, the only way to go about these projects was to do them myself.  Thank GOD for Google and Youtube!


    Since 2015, I’ve done A LOT to my house.  I’ve ripped up carpet, removed tile, replaced tile, knocked down walls, demolished my exterior deck, landscaped, renovated my kitchen, and built bedroom furniture all with my own two hands.  Name it and I’ve probably done it.  My work is by no means perfect, but in my view, it’s the imperfections which give it character.  Besides, everyone has to start from somewhere.  I decided to begin this blog, because I thought it would be a fun way to chronicle my journey and I hope that it might inspire others to take on some of the scarier projects in their own home.  If I can do it, you can too!