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Posted by Felicia on April 10, 2017

Welcome to Dr.Feesh’s DIY and Lifestyle blog!  I am Dr. Feesh and I welcome you to join me and my community of friends as I blog about the DIY lifestyle.

The Dr. Feesh Blog is where I will share stories about my home improvement projects and all things that I’m passionate about including, my faith, food, and finances.

This blog is for you if you’re seeking:

  •       ways to do home improvement on a budget.
  •       insight from other DIYers on what worked and what didn’t.
  •       inspiration for your next project.
  •       tips and resources on how to save money.
  •       information about making money from the comfort of your own home.


I invite you to interact by asking questions, posting comments, and offering suggestions. I will remove comments that are profane, irrelevant, offensive, or disrespectful.  This is a platform to learn, share, and have fun.

Thank you for visiting my site and contributing.  I’m SUPER excited that you’re here!


Dr. Feesh

Posted by Felicia on June 12, 2017

The Rios Family Fencing Project

Several weeks ago, I came across a post on facebook that linked to a crowdfunding site which had been created for one of my coworkers.  My coworker, Angel, and his wife, Christina, had just adopted a sweet toddler and a beautiful little girl in addition to the 3 young boys they already had.  Adoption is (continue reading)

Posted by Felicia on April 25, 2017

5 Simple Steps to Distress a Door…or Just about Anything

Over the last couple of years, I’ve become quite fond of everything farmhouse.  So, little by little I’ve been slowly transforming my humble 1000 sq.ft. space into my own little farmhouse retreat.  If you too are a fan of the Gaines’ HGTV show Fixer Upper and Joanna’s farmhouse decor, you can easily add a bit (continue reading)

Posted by Felicia on April 17, 2017

Power Tools 101: A Guide for Beginners

    It wasn’t too long after I moved into my house that an old friend of mine from out of town decided to come for a visit to scope out my new digs.  At that point, paint was the extent of the updates I had done on the house.  It certainly breathed life back (continue reading)

Posted by Felicia on April 7, 2017

Customize Your Interior Doors for Less Than $50…AND That Includes All of The Materials!

  The house I live in is an older home and when I purchased it, it still had all of its original finishes including its ugly, hollow, flat panel doors.  I really wanted to replace them, but the doors I liked were upwards of $300 each and I just simply wasn’t willing to pay that. (continue reading)